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**All used and refurbished units include a 90 day parts replacement warranty**

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Taski Swingo 150-DEMO UNIT Minuteman® Lumina™ 20 Battery Burnisher-20" Factory Cat 250 Scrubber
Taski Swingo 150-DEMO UNIT
SOLD!! $1,555.99
SOLD!! $1,000.99
You save $555.00!
Minuteman® Lumina™ 20 Battery Burnisher-20"-LIKE NEW
Our Price: $7,122.00
Sale Price: $2,500.00
You save $4,622.00!
Factory Cat 250 Scrubber
Our Price: $6,995.00
Sale Price: $3,000.00
You save $3,995.00!
Just like an upright vacuum but better! Pick up, scrub, and dry all in one.


A 20" burnishing pad with pad driver speeds up to 2000 rpms to give a wet-look shine to floors. Quick Pack.
-(3) 12 volt, 210 AH deep cycle batteries
-36 volt, 20 AH automatic charger (115 or 240 volt)
Refurbished 34" ride on Factory Cat 250 scrubber.
500 Hours
Includes 90 day parts replacement warranty
See technical specs for specific information
Reconditioned Tennant 5680 Automatic Scrubber 32" Advance ProTerra Sweeper
Refurbished Advolution 2710 Ride-On Burnisher
Our Price: $8,200.00
Sale Price: $3,500.00
You save $4,700.00!
Tennant 5680 Walk-Behind Scrubber (Reconditioned with Warranty)
List Price: $9,446.00
Our Price: $7,995.00
Sale Price: $5,000.00
You save $4,446.00!
Advance ProTerra Sweeper
List Price: $22,000.00
Our Price: $18,250.99
Sale Price: $15,800.00
You save $6,200.00!
The Advolution™ 2710 battery-powered rider burnisher boasts a front
steering system that delivers superior maneuverability. The unique
One-Touch™ control pad simplifies operation. The Advolution 2710 does
the rest by automatically monitoring and controlling optimum pad
pressure for a consistent, superior gloss every time. A mid-mounted
27-inch burnishing head allows users to easily access the pad retainer.
Why buy a new one at over $11,000.00?
We have available the Tennant model 5680 fully reconditioned with many new parts.We have multiple units available please feel free to contact us for details and actual photographs.
Industrial Strength Ride-On Sweeper
Simple, productive and reliable with incredible dust control. The Advance ProTerra is the ideal solution for industrial sweeping.